Continuing our circuit around the Atlanta healthcare system, Eliza brought Fiona in to see the ophthalmologist this morning. Dad got a pass.

Something we learned from the ENT earlier was that newborns with profound hearing loss are also at increased risk to blindness due to a rare genetic disorder called Usher’s Syndrome. From wikipedia, Usher’s Syndrome is a “relatively rare genetic disorder that is associated with a mutation in any one of 10 genes resulting in a combination of hearing loss and visual impairment and is a leading cause of deafblindness”.

Usher's Syndrome, not to be confused with "Usher"

Usher’s Syndrome, not to be confused with “Usher”

We were not terribly worried about this since Fiona’s eyes have been tracking well the last few weeks, but you never know.

Anyway, the doctors visit was short and sweet and there are no early signs of any visual problems right now. Thank the lord.

We will need to check this yearly as the first 10 years are the riskiest, but for now we don’t have to worry about this. And as Forrest Gump would say, “That’s good, one less thing.”

5 thoughts on “Opthalmologist…Check

  1. Eliza

    Ha, thats pretty funny! I actually thought of the songwriter Usher so that I could remember the name of the syndrome when I got home. 🙂 Great minds think alike.

  2. Natasha Siso

    Oops, That last comment was me…didn’t mean to leave the name blank.

    Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I love hearing about all the great options that are out there for Fiona. Plus, I have learned SO much about hearing loss and it’s fascinating. We often take these things for granted.
    You and Eliza are just amazing parents and are handling this in such a wonderful way. Fiona is a very lucky little girl.

  3. Eliza

    Thank you so much Natasha! I myself have enjoyed reading these blog posts too. haha!!! I feel so much better about things since 2 weeks ago when we initially found out about the hearing loss. I really had no clue how many great things were out there. Love you!

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