Roberta’s Cochlear Implant Journey

Since my last post was a bit of a downer, I wanted to post something more upbeat today.

Super Happy Fun Post Today!

Super Happy Fun Post Day!

Eliza and I have been following this great Facebook page called Roberta’s Cochlear Implant Journey. Roberta is an adult who had the Cochlear Implant surgery done a few weeks back on June 7th.

After undergoing the CI surgery, it’s standard practice to heal a month or so before activation of the implant. Roberta’s activation is this Monday.

Can you imagine the anticipation? 30 Christmas days all in one.

It’s fun and addicting to share in Roberta’s excitement as she counts down to the big day. It’s also interesting to hear the well articulated thoughts of an adult going through this process, since we know we won’t have that luxury with Fiona.

I can’t wait to read more about Roberta’s activation on Monday. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

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