Profound Hairing Loss

Tonight I am making a brief departure from discussing hearing loss to put to bed a very serious and long running debate:

Does Mark have less hair than his 8 week old daughter?

Clearly the naysayers and skeptics abound, so I felt it was of critical importance to lay this debate to bed permanently.

As you can see in the image below, the dashingly handsome Mark (pictured left) has a thick, flowing…dare I say “lock” of full-headed man-hair. Beautiful.

Mark vs. Fiona

Mark vs. Fiona

On the right, we have the eminently cute and always crowd favorite Fiona, sporting a valiant effort of baby hair, but just not quite hitting the finish line…

Clearly the results speak for themselves and we can now put this debate to rest forever. There will be no rematches 🙂

Mark and Fiona

Daddy why did you take a picture of my head?

8 thoughts on “Profound Hairing Loss

  1. kamorganKatie

    Haha! Cute photos! I hope she has your sense of humor! My dad and I always got the same jokes, and it is a very special bond.

  2. Stephanir

    Yay!! Thank you for putting that to rest. Lu had grandpa pattern baldness by about this time. I will find a photo!!

  3. Pam

    huge smile this morning, nothing like daddy/daughter bonding, can’t wait until she has hair long enough to stand behind you and drape it over your head, yes, this will happen and yes, you will post, not a rematch just more bonding te he he

  4. Aunt Florence

    Let’s see if i can say this nicely. When Ardyn was born Tina said she had hair like her dad, none. You both are doing better.

  5. Phyllis Ellison

    Mark you are an amazing dad and Eliza is an awesome mom! Fiona is so blessed! Daddy has Fiona beat for now in the hair department… but I bet she will probably have her Mommy’s beautiful golden locks before long! We love you all very much, and all of you are in our thoughts and prayers often! OOO XXX Uncle Robert and Aunt Phyllis

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