Frequencies of Familiar Sounds

This is a useful diagram that helps explain the hearing retest I posted about last time. It shows the frequencies and volume levels of common sounds such as water dripping, a piano playing, and a bird chirping. It also shows the “speech banana” including common phonemes such as “j”, “ch”, “th” and where they fall (see my earlier post for more information).

Frequency Spectrum of Familiar Sounds

Frequency Spectrum of Familiar Sounds

Note also the ranges of loss on the right hand side: “mild”, “severe”, “profound”, etc.

I highlighted in red the approximate area where Fiona responded in her right ear during the retest.  There were no responses in her left ear.

The funny thing is that in her original test, the results were the exact opposite (left ear instead of right). Unfortunately this discrepancy needs to be resolved to properly program her hearing aids, so the tie-breaker test is coming on Monday.

Anyway, I thought this diagram gave a helpful perspective. I guess Fiona will be enraptured the next time I mow the lawn 🙂

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