Video Diary of First Year of Hearing

Another good find by Eliza. This video shows the running diary of a baby girl born with profound hearing loss. Over the 8 minutes you can see her progress from birth, through hearing aids, to the CI surgery and finally to integration into the hearing world. An eerily similar parallel to our upcoming journey.

The progression is really interesting to watch:

To frame the context: Fiona is now 10 weeks old and will be getting her hearing aids next Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Video Diary of First Year of Hearing

  1. Muriel Lindsay

    This little girl is such a beauty of a spirit. I watched the video out of interest in the process, and yet every time I saw that little face, tears would start, tears of just gratitude she is here on the planet and got the help to hear and develop in such a successful way. Eliza – this is such a find. All three of these children are so beautiful and winsome and radiate out to the world the love in the family. wow. Love rules (and technology and research can be such an amazing addition).

    1. Eliza

      I agree Muriel! I’ve actually been corresponding with Natalie’s mom and she has been such a valuable resource to us. I can tell that she is an amazing mother and I’m so grateful that she’s been guiding us along the process. šŸ™‚ I still cry every time I see this video and it is never out of sadness. Natalie has an incredible life ahead of her and it makes me so happy to see a glimpse of it.

  2. Amie and Zack amacher

    Thanks for doing the blog! We are happy to hear of progress and want the best for miss Fiona.

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