Hearing Aids…1 Week Later

Tomorrow we come upon our 1 week hearing aid anniversary. So far the results can best be described as … meh.

To date, we’ve seen virtually no change in Fiona’s response to sound, but then again we weren’t expecting much either. Still, there’s always hope.

Eliza did notice a response from Fiona when using the dustbuster the other day (are they still called dustbusters?). Ironically, Fiona’s hearing aids were not actually “on” when the response occurred, which is perversely amusing. This response is not altogether unexpected, though, since the sounds of a  vacuum cleaner occupy the lower-left quadrant of the audio spectrum I discussed in my earlier post.

Probably our biggest annoyance is that the aids are constantly entering feedback loops. Same concept as putting a microphone in front of a speaker – the loud shriek drives you crazy. We were told by the audiologist this is quite common for infants since their heads are constantly wedged into small spaces…car seats, swings, etc. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with the aids. Fortunately Fiona is blissfully unaware of the feedback, which is a sad blessing. The dog, however, is not.

So while managing the hearing aids is an extra annoyance, it’s nevertheless an important step on our journey to Cochlear Implants. And the good news is Fiona is getting acclimated to devices hanging off her ears  which will surely help us in the months to come.

But as an aside, here’s where it gets fun. In the last week or so Fiona has started regularly smiling! For those who remember the first few months of raising an infant, this is a HUGE development. Finally all the crazy monkey faces, diaper changes and sleep deprivation is starting to pay back with…an actual reaction! WOOHOO!

So here’s the obligatory smiling picture from earlier this morning.

You Funny!

You Funny!

Check out the stylin’ baby jeans, it begins!

2 thoughts on “Hearing Aids…1 Week Later

  1. eewiza

    We also think its because she is so young that we can’t tell when she is reacting to sound. What we need is a big drum to run some tests!! I’m sure auditory-verbal therapy will give us pointers. That’s on the 31st.

  2. Sheri

    😦 I was so hoping to hear about all the new sounds she could hear and her reactions. Maybe Mark needs to take up the drums or the bass guitar. I look forward to hearing about what happens at your next appointment.

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