All of these new toys!!

This is Eliza posting today.  🙂

Miss Fiona had quite a busy week.  Pediatrician on Tues, Audiologist on Wed and then AVC therapy today.  

  • 4 month shots, check.  
  • 4th pair of ear molds for hearing aids, check.  
  • Her mom perfected the airplane ahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh song, double check!!

So each time we go to AVC we find out which cool toys are going to be on the shopping list to help with therapy.  We have the “learning to listen” toys: ex) airplane goes ahhhhhh, dog goes woof woof.  We also have our “awareness of sounds” toys: ex) drum, cowbell, loud shaker toys (some homemade!)  Then we have our “Ling 6 Sounds” toys.  

What is Ling 6 Sounds?  I thought you’d never ask!!  Well they are 6 different vowels and consonants that represent the entire frequency range on an audiogram.  By watching Fiona’s response to the sounds we can map what she is hearing on the speech banana

  • OO is the sound of a fire truck OOOOooooooOOOOOooooo. (low frequency)
  • M is the sound you make while eating something yummy like an apple mmmmmm. (low freq)
  • EE is the sound of a monkey. EE EE EEE EEEEE   (mid freq)
  • AH is the sound of an airplane. (mid freq)
  • SH is the sound we use with a baby doll. Shhhhh baby is sleeping. (high freq)
  • S is the hissing sound of a snake. (high freq)

So after the first 2 therapy sessions I ordered toys online or at a toy store and went all out.  By therapy session number 3 I quickly discovered that Dollar General will do just fine!  From today’s trip we welcome home a horse, fire truck, snake, and food items (mmmmmm).  

Below are a few pictures of therapy at home with Fiona. My favorite is the one with Kona the dog while we learn the “woof woof woof” sound.


3 thoughts on “All of these new toys!!

  1. Mark Isham

    Great post! I see a new guest blogger in the future!

    Love the pictures too!

    (for everyone else – I’ve been out of town all week and Eliza graciously offered to post an update this week. I think I see more posts in her future! :->).

  2. Amanda

    Looks like quite the haul!!! Wow, can’t believe she’s gotten so big already. We need to meet up soon so I can get some Fiona snuggles before she gets to be a big girl!

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