Still On Track for March 7th Surgery Date

Today we bundled up Fiona in her winter parka (courtesy of Aunt “RoRo”) to brave the 15 degree weather to visit her ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor. Today’s checkup was a routine step on her long journey towards her upcoming Cochlear Implant surgery on March 7th.

Georgia Peaches Don't DO Cold...

“Um, Georgia Peaches Don’t DO Cold…”

The nurse practitioner checked out Fiona’s ears for infection and fluid, but everything looked great. Right now infection is her biggest risk of postponing the surgery date, and babies under 1 year can be prone to frequent ear infection. Fortunately with Eliza being a stay at home mom, we are avoiding the most common source of infection: day care.

In the 2-3 weeks before the surgery Fiona will be entering our “baby in a bubble” phase, meaning we will need to limit her exposure to the elements, other people and most importantly other children. We are even considering using a mask to cover her mouth during hospital visits, but that may be extreme.

Fiona has a pre-op checkup in mid-February, then a CAT scan in late February to confirm her ear passages are still clear for the surgery. If all proceeds well on that front, we’ll be set for the March 7th surgery on her first ear.

We’re very excited and can’t wait to share the activation day with everyone.

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Still On Track for March 7th Surgery Date

  1. Muriel Lindsay

    Pretty exciting and nerve wracking all in one, the waiting and the anticipation and the fingers crossed that nothing interferes so you can get past this momentous step. I have no doubt, Fiona’s angels are in charge. They know best.

  2. Kelly Mackey

    As always, your family is in my prayers. With all the love and support on her side, I am confident that Fiona will persevere through this experience and will triumph in the end! God bless the Isham family!

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