Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial Showing CI Activation

I managed to miss this during the Super Bowl yesterday (must have been grabbing a beer…), but Microsoft aired a cool commercial that showed the Cochlear Implant activation of a grown woman. Check it out at around the 0:47 mark of this video.

Pretty moving to say the least.

She was actually featured on the Ellen show originally in this longer video, check it out:

While Fiona’s activation likely won’t be as dramatic, we’re still very anxious to see the result on… (see next blog post).

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial Showing CI Activation

  1. Aunt Florence

    I saw the commercial but did not realize what that part was. Gave me goose bumps just thinking about Fiona’s reaction on her activation date.

  2. that Deaf Girl

    Just as a point of clarification.. The woman doesn’t have a CI she has an esteem implant. This is different and works in completely different ways. It still only amplifies, instead of bipasses and isn’t suitable to many of the levels of deafness. While yes its a great thing… It is not a CI. If you don’t have much residual hearing, it won’t do anything for you.

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