We Have an Activation Date!

Fiona’s first CI Implant surgery is just over a month away on March 7th. While we still have a few hurdles to overcome (including formal approval by insurance…), we did reach a new milestone today: Fiona’s activation date is now set for Thursday, March 20th!

As you may recall from prior posts, the surgery on March 7th will implant the Cochlear Implant lead into one of her ears, but the processor will not be turned on until she has a chance to heal. The March 20th date is that magic date when the audiologist turns on the implant for the first time, and Fiona will hear sound for the first time in her life.

Needless to say this will be a very exciting day, and we will be recording and sharing her reaction on this blog. We’ve learned to set expectations appropriately, though: with infants the reaction to activation can range anywhere from joy to fear to nothing at all. While it’d be cool to witness the next youtube sensation, we’ll be satisfied no matter what we see.

After March 20th, her other ear will be implanted at a later date, and we’ll repeat the same activation process again. Lots of excitement coming!

Baby Goat!

Baby Goat!

4 thoughts on “We Have an Activation Date!

  1. Pamela Gustafson

    woot, woot, this is so exciting, if I haven’t before thank you so much for including us on this bittersweet journey, Sarah still brags about how long Fiona was happy to be held upon meeting her cousin for the first time, it will be very exciting to see her reaction no matter what it is!!!!

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