Great Podcost on the New Internal CI

Ran across this great 12 minute audio podcast this morning from Physics Central describing the basic operation of Cochlear Implants as well as the new MIT research I blogged about two weeks ago on the Internal Cochlear Implants. It also delves into the wireless power charging and research around how sound location can be determined with newer CIs. Very interesting stuff.

What I particularly liked about this podcast is how they explained technically complex ideas in basic, easy to follow lay terms. A great way to understand the basic physics of CIs without requiring an advanced degree. If you’re still not totally clear about how CIs work, give this explanation a try.

In other news, we’re continuing to appeal the CI surgery denial from Blue Cross I blogged about earlier this week. No news yet, but we’ve received incredible support and are continuing discussions. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon. (no pun intended)

And now for a gratuitous Fiona picture. This is Fiona in front of a giant redwood from our recent vacation last month. Pretty amazing.

Redwoods National Park

Redwoods National Park



8 thoughts on “Great Podcost on the New Internal CI

  1. Amanda Lancaster

    So I totally want to keep it all positive, but the more I think about the insurance thing I get really annoyed. I mean, seriously? How is it that the insurance company has more say than the doctor himself! What is up with our healthcare system? YOU and DR. HERRMANN are the ones that know what’s best for her, not some insurance nerd. GRRR…. Anyway, regardless I have no doubt that she is in the best hands possible and a two month delay will not slow her down one bit. Hang in there guys. You both are great at rolling with the punches. 🙂

    1. eewiza

      I agree Amanda!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!! Exactly, you would think her parents and doctor would know what’s best for her. I’ve slowly (very slowly!) been learning how not to fall apart every time something like this happens. I read a wonderful comment from a mother who has a deaf child and this quote has been helping me out. It goes “my philosophy for raising a child with a disability: a LOT of shit is going to upset you for your child and make you hurt for your child and I say…give yourself a 10 minute pity party, then put your big girl pants on and go to war for your baby.” I love it! It helps me so much. And encouraging words from our friends and family of course! 🙂

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