Time for…The Happy Dance!

In what is hopefully a sign of good karma, Eliza and I have some great news to share:

Our insurance appeal has been approved!

(Happy Dance!)

(Happy Dance!)

For those playing at home, we’re of course referring to our appeal to the initial insurance decline of Fiona’s 10 month Cochlear Implant surgery I blogged about last week.

This is great news as it allows Fiona to get her impant on…(drumroll)….FRIDAY!

We’ve been trying not to make a big deal about the initial decline because Fiona would still be eligible for surgery in May, but it is kindof a big deal. At this age, every week an infant is learning so much: how to walk, how to listen and how to talk. To be deprived of sound for even a short window could translate into months or years of extra therapy. The earlier the better.

We’ve received incredible support and help from our friends and family, but we wanted to call out a few people who really went above and beyond to help us with this appeal: Meegan Broll with RPG Solutions, Scot Wingo with ChannelAdvisor, Lauren Stott, Dr. Brian Herrrmann and Patricia Fullard with Pediatric ENT of Atlanta, and of course the folks at Blue Cross Blue Shield NC for listening to our appeal and giving Fiona a chance.

This week is now a whirlwind. Early tomorrow morning Fiona goes in for her pre-surgery CT scan, then we’re back on the schedule for surgery this Friday, March 7th. If all goes well, activation will remain on March 20th. We’re looking forward to sharing that moment with everyone on this blog.

Thanks to everyone for all their thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Back on track!

11 thoughts on “Time for…The Happy Dance!

  1. Julie

    Yay!!! This is awesome news. So excited for you guys. I will be thinking of you all this week as Fiona has her surgery. I am looking forward to activation day as well.

  2. Stacey

    YAAAAAY! So exciting for you both, and for Fiona too even though she doesn’t know it yet!

  3. Pam

    woot woot!!! doesn’t even begin to cover it! Dancing right along with you :O) hugs, love and kisses to all :O)

  4. Aunt Florence

    I just knew the insurance company would come through. They would be paying now or later. I, too, am doing the happy dance. Is this done as a day surgery or does Fiona have to be admitted to the hospital? I know it will be a stress full time for you. I know how I felt when Chris was 5 and Ardyn was 4 when they had to have surgery. But with all the prayers and support team you have it will go fine and things will be back to normal in no time.

    1. Mark Isham Post author

      Thanks Aunt Flo! Yep it’ll be an overnight affair – she’ll be under anesthesia for 3-4 hours I believe, so they’ll want to observe her overnight. They have a bed/couch for eliza in the room, but i’ll likely go home that evening and back in the morning.

  5. steph

    bravo, hurray, mozeltov
    call me if I can get something from publix etc for you during the process……

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