CT Scan

With the insurance approval in place from yesterday, expect updates to come rapid fire this week.

This morning we brought Fiona over to the CHOA Egleston location for her pre-surgery CT Scan. This is the same location and basic procedure we had done early last year for her MRI.

photo 1

The purpose of the CT scan is for the doctor to perform a final inspection of Fiona’s inner ear to ensure no blockages, fluid, or other obstructions that might prevent her surgery on Friday. Fiona can’t have any sort of inner ear infection going into this procedure, which is quite common in young children. Fortunately we’ve been isolating her from other children for several weeks now and don’t anticipate any problems. Still, you never know.

While it is common to sedate infants for the CT scan, when we first arrived we attempted to see if Fiona would remain still (unsedated) for the scan. No such luck.

Oh well, sedation was easier on us this time around, probably because of our prior experience with the MRI. Fiona of course didn’t like the IV, but she got over it pretty quickly.

The scan was over in minutes, and then Fiona was rolled back to our room for a quick recovery.

photo 3

I think overall it was rougher on mom then Fiona, but Eliza was a trouper.

Sleeping it off

Sleeping it off

After about 15 minutes of sleep, Fiona was woken up, nursed and then brought home. All in all we were in and out of the hospital in 2 hours.

Later today the doctor will review the CT scan and get back to us with any concerns. Mom is already hard at work spoiling Fiona rotten. Fiona gets eggs and toast for breakfast, dad gets a defrosted bagel.

Tomorrow we pack and prep for the surgery, then Friday will be the big day. The surgery is an overnight affair, so we’ll be showing up early Friday and leaving sometime on Saturday. I’ll keep you all posted. Notice i didn’t say “y’all” despite living in the South for 15 years now. Go me!

2 thoughts on “CT Scan

  1. Amanda Lancaster

    Sedation is rough on the parents, that’s for sure! I’m so excited this is moving forward. Will say a few extra special prayers for you all Friday. Love you guys!

  2. Aunt Florence

    Sounds like a piece of cake. Easy for me to say, I’m only an aunt not a parent of Fiona. All three of you will do fine.

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