What a Day

Last post of the day, and what an eventful day. Fiona is sleeping away in recovery so we have some time now to reflect.

The events started bright and early at 7am. Grandma and Grandpa Underwood were waiting for us in the parking lot and joined us in reception.


Aunt Stephanie soon joined us in our pre-op room.


And soon after FIona was laughing away with Aunt “RoRo”


They took away Fiona around 9:45, and we were notified when the procedure started at 10:45. After a quick trip to the cafeteria for breakfast, we soon learned the operation was a complete success and Fiona was on her way to recovery.

Around 12:45 we met Fiona again in the recovery room. She was still under anesthesia at the time. Fiona had a thick gauze bandage over her right ear to protect the incision.



Lots of napping ensued.



As part of the festivities, Fiona got a cool new monkey toy…a monkey with a Cochlear Implant. Pretty cool!


Around 4:30 or so, a now alert Fiona decided it’d be fun to rip out her IV. After a little blood and a mad dash by the nurses, we fixed her back up. Note the new “protective shielding” the nurses rigged up, courtesy of Huggies. Haha.


Scottish Rite has these cool radio flyers the kids can play with. Dad was excited.


We tried to see if Fiona wanted to play, but it was too soon. Maybe tomorrow.


We spend the night in the hospital tonight, then back home tomorrow. After 2 weeks of healing, activation is the next steps.

So many thanks go out to all our great friends and family who have supported us. Especially those who took the day off from work today to join us. You guys rock!


5 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. Muriel Lindsay

    must insist on videos when activation happens. By the way, for some reason I have not been able to open any of other videos on this blog so if there is a secret to doing that, let me know. Great photos.

    1. Mark Isham Post author

      Hmm it might be the browser you’re using. I’ll make sure to include a direct link to YouTube in addition to the embedded video in the future. That should hopefully work for you.

  2. Brandon Cassidy

    Thanks for the update. Fiona has been in my thoughts all day. Thank goodness everything went well.

  3. Sheri

    Congratulations on a successful day. I can’t wait to see Fiona’s reaction on activation day. Best wishes on a quick recovery and a good nights sleep.

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