Back Home

After a relatively uneventful night in the hospital, we were discharged around lunch time today. Fiona will need to wear her gauze bandaging for about a week, and has a full regiment of antibiotics and pain relievers on her plate for the next several days.

Still, it’s good to be home and have life return to a semblance of normalcy. Fiona’s spirits were high today, and her appetite and energy are back to normal.


She’s quickly discovering the fun “take off my bandage” game, so we’re bracing for battle over the next few days. Otherwise, this week should be relatively quiet while we gear up for activation on March 20th. I’ll keep you posted if anything interesting comes up.

In parting, here’s a short video of me playing around with the radio flyer at the hospital this morning. Oh yea, Fiona was along for the ride too.

Free radio flyers! What an age we live in…

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5 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Kristina Miller

    Great to see your little girl home. If you have a problem with her pulling off her bandage, you can get “welcome sleeves”. They’re just cuffs that Velcro over her elbows and keeps her from bending her arms to get to the bandage.

  2. eewiza

    Thank you Kristina! BTW the staff at Scottish Rite were incredible. They took such good care of Fiona (and her mom and dad). What an amazing place.

  3. Amanda Lancaster

    The video made me smile. Such a sweetheart she is. And a real trooper. Go Fiona, go!

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