And More Videos…

Some more videos to share today.

First one up starts with some phone footage taken by Eliza this morning of Fiona responding (cheerfully) to sound – turning around and crawling back at her. She’s had lots of great moments like this in the last day.

Later in the same video is some footage I took this morning at Fiona’s first auditory verbal therapy session since activation, and yes I was able to work in a “more cowbell” joke. (Thanks Lauren for putting up with me and the camera )

Direct link.

Therapy will now resume a weekly schedule, with the first priority working on Fiona’s detection of sound. As the weekly mapping process continues on her implant, she will improve at sound detection and eventually move to the next phase: discrimination (moo cow vs. nay horsey, etc.).


This will be a slow process, don’t expect her to be talking for another year or so. (of course she wouldn’t be talking now even if she COULD hear ;->).

Next up, by popular demand here is the full uncut video from yesterday’s activation session. Well there is one very small cut for “you know who” about “you know what”, wink wink, but its very small and you’ll hardly notice.

This is only for the hard core, it’s 26 minutes in all its glory. Our feelings won’t be hurt if you skip it. Of course you may miss my series of fiendishly clever tips to the location of the buried treasure, but hey that’s your loss…

Direct link.

P.S. Thanks to Bruce Underwood (aka “Grandpa”) for his role as official camera man.