Three Weeks Later

Hard to believe it’s been over 3 weeks since Fiona was activated. I joke that I’m her biggest skeptic –  not because I don’t want her to hear, but rather that I absolutely, positively 100% want to be convinced it’s working.

Three weeks later and I can definitively say she’s responding, and responding well. Eliza posted some great videos last week, and this has become our new normal day to day. Fiona is loudly vocalizing (very loudly) and clearly experimenting in her new world. Earlier this morning she was echoing her voice into a plastic cup. I wish I was able to get it on video.

Since her activation, Fiona has been back to our audiologists twice, receiving 3 new programs each time. She’s now on “program 7”, and the rate of change has settled down into fine tuning. Last Thursday she was booth tested again, and was able to hear sounds at 40 DB, which clearly lies in the “speech banana” (see my earlier post).

What’s best of all is we feel she never had a chance to fall behind. When this whole adventure began, I told Eliza what would make me saddest is seeing her start to fall behind other children her age. Not able to talk and follow along at the same pace.

While I still need to be realistic in my expectations, I’m less worried about this adjustment now. I mean for real, she’s still not even 1 year old yet!

So now we settle into our new day to day. Eliza has been a rock star applying therapy around the house. I work from home upstairs in the house, and i’m constantly hearing songs and “i hear that” refrains coming from down the hall. What a great mom.

So what’s next? Well semi-big news there: we tentatively have a surgery date for her left ear: June 6, 2014. I say tentative because this is dependent on her recovery from her first surgery, but so far her recovery has been excellent. Nevertheless, we’re penciled into the schedule.

While the activation of her second ear won’t be as dramatic as her first, it will help her in localization as well as overall processing of sound in general. It will also represent our shift from using the “clip behind the shirt” Neptune processor I blogged about earlier, to the “over the ear” Naida. I’m sure that will come with its own set of new challenges.

Anyway, while things are starting to settle into a routine now, we’ll continue to update the blog with news and updates as they occur. Stay tuned…




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