Auditory Verbal Therapy at Home

This is Eliza posting today.  I thought I would show you a clip of therapy at home.  We practice therapy throughout the day but we do some therapy at the table as well.  This allows Fiona to be more focused on the activity.  After breakfast we read books at the table.  After lunch we practice a learn to listen sound.  This clip is after lunch and is the cow! MOOOOOOOOOOO

The rest of the day I narrate to Fiona what we are doing.  For example: In the kitchen I would say:  “I’m opening the cabinet.  I am getting a cup.  I need some water.  Lets press the button.  Look, water is pouring into my cup!  Okay I’m drinking my water.  I’m thirsty.  Okay lets walk into the living room.”  You get the idea. 🙂

We also sing A LOT of songs at home.  These are nursery rhymes and made up songs.  An example of one I made up:  “Brush brush brush, Brush our teeth, Brush brush brush, so they are clean clean clean.”

Another important part of therapy is pointing out sounds that we hear.  We are in the sound detection phase of therapy.   So if we heard a loud truck outside I would point to my ear and say “I heard that!”  We point out sounds in our house and when we are out and about.

Of course there is a lot more to it than this but I wanted to touch base on some of the highlights.  It seems a lot like how you would teach a typical hearing child how to listen and learn language just times 10.

8 thoughts on “Auditory Verbal Therapy at Home

  1. Theresa

    You are an amazing teacher!!!! So cute! I used to narrate the day with MariGrace too! The triplets didn’t get that, lol. 🙂 We’re so happy that Fiona is doing so well! Thanks for sharing!

    1. eewiza Post author

      Thank you so much Theresa!! Its hard to talk all day but now I’m a pro!! I don’t think I would have known to talk all day even for a typical hearing child. It seems SO important to all children. We need to get together!!!

  2. Muriel Lindsay

    I love how kids like to see things fall down. I can just see how Fiona is thinking “yeah, yeah . . .Moo and all that but LOOK how I can demonstrate the Laws of Gravity . . . over the side Cow”. You are so in love with your daughter and it shows Eliza. You would do anything for her. Beautiful to witness.

    1. eewiza Post author

      Seriously, she LOVES dropping things on the ground. It never gets old for her. hahaha!! Thank you Muriel!! I hope that I’m giving Fiona everything I can. 🙂

  3. Aunt Florence

    That is awesome progress. Did you have to go to classes to learn how to work with Fiona or is it all natural.

  4. eewiza Post author

    Thanks guys! I should have mentioned that we are going to Auditory Verbal therapy at Auditory Verbal Center in Atlanta (AVC). We have an amazing therapist Lauren who teaches us all of these fantastic skills! 🙂 We go every Friday morning for an hour. The best part about therapy at AVC is that you never know when you’ll break out in song!

  5. Kelly Mackey

    You are awesome, Eliza! Fiona is lucky to have two dedicated parents! If only all my students had such involved parents… sigh. I look forward to watching her grow and excel! 🙂

    1. eewiza Post author

      Thank you so much Kelly!! I’m constantly thinking of ways to play with Fiona to help with speech and language. I know you are awesome at therapy. If you have any ideas please let me know!

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