Fiona says mooooo!

Okay, so if you didn’t get enough mooooooing from yesterday, here is more!!

I’m pretty darn sure that Fiona is trying to say mooooo in both of these videos.  But what do you think???

14 thoughts on “Fiona says mooooo!

  1. Stephanie

    YAY!!! She said MOOOOO!!!! Woo! It’s pretty neat to see that she is mimicking sound. How cool is that! You need to be saying Mama and Dada more!

    1. eewiza Post author

      Okay you think so too!! She also tries to do the bee noise. We have a bee game that we play where I say bzzzzzz and I use my hand to do the bee and then the bee stings one of us. And she does a very long noise as if she’s trying to do a bee while waving her hand in the air. It is ADORABLE!!!!

      Lauren our therapist says that she’s right about the age when she will mimic. She mimics a lot now with games we play. It’s so cute!

  2. Muriel Lindsay

    I cast a yes vote. Fiona is definitely mimicking the sound. By the way, my moniker according to Laurel is . . . Ganny-Moo, and from my great niece Sarah is Aunt Moo Moo . . .just as fate would have it.

  3. Lauren Seale

    Very nice, Fiona! She’s making the /m/ sound and matching the duration of the sound very well! I love watching your at-home therapy videos. Great work, both of you 🙂

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