Fiona’s Audiogram with CI

Fiona had a booth test last week and was a lot better at participating.  Testing a baby’s hearing in a booth is hard work.  Our audiologists Lauren and Jennie have to study Fiona’s face to see if she makes any swift eye movements or indications that she is searching for sound. Fiona gets rewarded with little bits of the movie Finding Nemo.  Fiona isn’t into TV quite yet but with practice she will get the hang of it.

Anyways, onto the results!  Fiona showed repeat responses at 25 dB which lies in the normal hearing range!!!  If you will take a look at the audiogram below she can hear almost all of the letters in the speech banana.  We think that she can hear even lower than that based on her responses to “s” in therapy.  This is much better than the 70 dB that she was hearing with hearing aids.

Go Fiona Go!!!



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