Fiona updates

It’s been almost 2 months since Fiona was activated.  I wanted to let you know what she’s up to.  She now says “uh oh” and “up up up”.  We aren’t sure if she says these in context yet.  We believe she is mimicking the words after mom and dad say them.  Nonetheless this is extremely exciting to us!  Here is a video of Fiona saying up up up.

Fiona took her first steps 2 weeks ago!   She’s now perfecting it.  I have a video of that too:

Last but not least she’s also figured out the whole clapping trick.  Before activation I don’t think she realized why we clap.  It probably seemed weird without sound.  Now she loves it.   She doesn’t look too thrilled in this video (I swear she loves it) but this is the only clapping I have recorded so far.  This video is the “If you’re unhappy and you know it” 🙂



8 thoughts on “Fiona updates

  1. Sheri

    It is always a thrill to see how Fiona is progressing. You are making an incredible difference in her life with all of your love, time and patience. What a joy to see.

  2. Chuck Girardeau

    it is so wonderful to be able to follow Fiona’s progress this way! I will be sure to subscribe at home once I leave All Saints’.

  3. Aunt Florence and Uncle Leo

    Great videos. I don’t know how I missed the birthday and walking video before. I guess I have been slacking on keeping up with Fiona. Thank you God for video cameras and YouTube.

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