Round 2 Tomorrow!

We’re all set for surgery #2, early tomorrow morning! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 months since Fiona’s first surgery back on March 7th, she has come so far since then.

This time around the doctor will be implanting her left ear in an identical process to the prior surgery. While he’s in the area, he’ll also be checking out the right ear to make sure everything is still healthy.

While we’re a little wiser and more experienced going into this second surgery, the fear always remains whenever your child goes under the knife.

If all goes well we’ll be spending the night in the hospital tomorrow night, then back home by early Saturday. If history is any guide, Fiona will be running around like nothing happened by Saturday afternoon. We’ll see if she’s up for any repeat radio flyer rides this time around.

Send good luck thoughts our way!

Fiona Glamor Spread

Fiona Glamor Spread




4 thoughts on “Round 2 Tomorrow!

  1. Aunt Florence and Uncle Leo

    It is never easy when your child has a surgery, doesn’t matter if it is minor or major, you still have concern. Keeping Fiona and her grandpa in our prayers.

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