Shoe on

Fiona’s third word is………ON.  She started saying on while we were playing an on/off necklace game.  Out of the blue she said on.  Then the next day I showed her the necklace and she immediately said “on” by herself without me prompting her.

Fiona says on for a ton of things: shoes, light switches, the coffee maker, toys, etc.  Its pretty freakin’ awesome!!!  The funniest is when she throws shoes at me or Mark and says “on, on, on, on!!!”

Here is a video.  This was taken about a week ago before her surgery.  Recovery is going fantastic and Fiona is back to herself!


6 thoughts on “Shoe on

  1. Theresa

    Holy cuteness!!!! That made me tear up. I’m so happy her recovery is going great and she is well on her way to talking your ear off! Lol 🙂

    1. Eliza Isham Post author

      Thank you Theresa! She’s doing such a great job! It’s made me think – holy cow she actually has been listening to me while I talk non-stop. It’s like you talk and talk and talk and hope she’s listening. She’s definitely listening alright!

  2. Beth Respess

    Eliza, I have loved watching Fiona’s progress. She is such a precious girl! Also, based on my many years as a speech therapist, compliments to you on what a great job you do working with her.

    1. Eliza Isham Post author

      Beth thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I consider myself kind of a quiet person and so the task of talking non-stop all day took practice for me. :-). Thank you for following our blog! It means the world to us.

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