Short Video

Sometimes I try to get Fiona to say words on video which can be challenging.  Most times I am unsuccessful.  But today in this one minute video she said 4 different things.

Her dog barking sound is a “mmm mmm mmm” by the way.  She’s trying to mimic the duration and pitch of the “woof woof woof” sound.   I hope I described this right therapist Lauren!!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Short Video

  1. Aunt Florence and Uncle Leo

    Be prepared the day is coming when you won’t get her to shut up.

  2. Gina

    Wiza to me she tries to say “Airplane”. You say the word while she has it (the plane toy) and then you go “ahhhh” but to me she said two distinct either words or syllables. Like “ah um”..or “aah ‘ane” .hehe

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