Name Calling and Word Update

Things are going great with Fiona and her two processors.  She is definitely localizing sound with both ears and learning how to say new words.

Here is a list of words/sounds that she now says and knows their meaning:

  • uh oh
  • on
  • off
  • up up up
  • more: mmmm OR um
  • out
  • woof woof woof: (mmm mmm mmm)
  • horse click: (her lips open and close like a kiss x 3)
  • open (“O” and kiss noise)

I feel like I have to be a detective when figuring out toddler speech.  And that goes for any toddler not just DHH.   For example here is Fiona saying open:

Name Calling:

Here is a fantastic video of something we appreciate daily – the fact that we can call Fiona’s name from a different room! (she was discovering a new chair from grandma Underwood)

In other news:

A new challenge we are facing is that Fiona is taking off her implants regularly.  So we are having her wear caps most days instead of headbands.  Since cochlear implants are so fragile we don’t want Fiona to break them.  For example, last week Fiona tore this cord in half!

photo (13)

Since you can’t see her adorable processors with her caps on, I wanted to show everyone her new stawberry skinits.  These are special stickers that you can order for various electronics.  (

photo (10)






4 thoughts on “Name Calling and Word Update

  1. Muriel Lindsay

    Hard to believe how much ground has been gained since Fiona arrived (and shocked the living daylights out of you by saying “guess what . . . . I have a special surprise for you that will change your life.” And it has, but the rewards are becoming more and more clear. Joy is so intense next to shock and fear.

  2. Beth Respess

    Just love seeing Fiona
    run in the room when she heard her name!! And I’m so glad she is using so many words. Good job everyone!!

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