Now Hear This! What If You Were Deaf?

Nickelodeon has a show tonight called “Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?

It’s a premiere of their show Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.  There will be kids who have cochlear implants and/or hearing aids.  There will be kids who communicate with ASL and/or spoken language.

Unfortunately we don’t have cable but maybe we can view it another way after it airs.  It’s at 8 pm (EST) on August 5th (tonight) on Nickelodeon.

If anyone catches it, let us know how it is!  I’d be interested to hear!


3 thoughts on “Now Hear This! What If You Were Deaf?

  1. Lauren Seale

    Thanks for posting this, Eliza! I really enjoyed this and shared it with the other therapists at AVC. I liked the variety of outcomes they showed….and I especially loved that they mentioned that adjusting to sound with an implant takes time and therapy, which is typically not mentioned in mainstream media coverage related to CI’s.

    1. Eliza Isham Post author

      Thanks Lauren! I thought they did a great job. I loved watching the kids in their schools and seeing how their day to day was like. I am so amazed with kids and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. Not just because of Fiona but because everyone’s story is so unique, special and incredible!

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