Fiona says mama!

Big week!  Fiona said mama for the first time!!  She actually started saying it at my mom and dads house while they were watching Fiona.  I guess she was asking where I was.  🙂

I was able to capture it on video!

As you can tell I’m one proud mama because I freak out a bit on the video. 🙂  I couldn’t help it.

11 thoughts on “Fiona says mama!

  1. Amanda Lancaster

    Hooray! What a sweet sweet girl.And such wonderful music to mommy’s ears! 🙂

    1. zdaole

      This comment was not supposed to go here! I was trying to forward the email to my mom!
      But it’s an absolutely amazing video! It’s so awesome that she has come so far!

  2. Pam Edwards

    ADORABLE Eliza!!! Love you’ll so much !!! Aunt Pam and Uncle Lum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo

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