Recent Booth Testing Result and a Great CI Animation

Mark here today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted – partly I’ve been pretty busy at work, but mostly because Eliza has just been nailing it on the blog lately. I really couldn’t be happier with our decision for Eliza to stay home with Fiona to focus 100% on therapy, it’s really been paying off dividends!

In fact just last week Fiona had her latest booth testing and she heard ALL 6 Ling sounds in the 20-30 dB range! Ling sounds are the basic building blocks of speech, including OOOO, MMMM, EEE, AHHH, SHHH and SSSS. This is an incredible result and at a DB level that is well inside the speech banana of normal hearing.

Speech Banana

Speech Banana

Hard to believe how far Fiona has come in just 5 months! While it’s certainly a team effort, Eliza’s relentless focus on therapy day in and out is paying off handsome dividends! What a great mom!

Anyway, love-fest aside, I found this great “step by step” overview of how Cochlear Implants work today. It’s a complicated device, so I’m always looking for easier ways to explain how they work. This is one of the clearest explanations i’ve seen so far (and has fun flashing animations!)

Check it out if you get a moment:

Anyway, short update today. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their summer!