Dancing and meowing

Fiona and I have been concentrating a lot on music these past two weeks.  I’ve always sung nursery rhyme songs to her since she was itty bitty.  This has always been a huge part of therapy.  But lately I’ve been really pushing the recorded kid’s sing along songs.  I also took her to her very first music class!  Moms and their babies/toddlers sit around in a circle and sing together, play musical instruments and do silly movements.  Fiona was really intrigued.   So this afternoon after therapy she started dancing!!  Before today her idea of dancing is swaying side to side – which is great.  It was just fun to see her getting into it. 🙂

Here is Fiona dancing:

Fiona has also started meowing.  She also blows a kiss towards the end:



4 thoughts on “Dancing and meowing

  1. Amanda Lancaster

    She is TOO cute! I loved the dancing video when the music had stopped and then it started going again she looked so excited to be dancing again. PRECIOUS!

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