Fiona can hear whispers!

Booth Testing: 

It was confirmed today during Fiona’s booth test that she can hear 15 dB (decibels) which is the level of whispering! According to our audiologist Fiona rocked it in the booth today. She responded to all of the ling 6 sounds in the speech banana (which represents various speech sounds from high to low frequencies).

Speech Banana

Speech Banana

Fiona even started waving at the TV screen (Finding Nemo) when she heard a sound. That made it even easier for our audiologist to determine if Fiona was hearing each sound. Just to recall there are 2 TV screens positioned to the left and right of Fiona. After a sound is made from the right direction, they want their patient to look to the right and then Finding Nemo will pop up.

Therapy Update:

Fiona is still doing really well with therapy.  Her word comprehension continues to rise everyday. She knows how to vocalize half of the 22 “learning to listen” sounds. (example: she vocalizes ahhhh for airplane, meow for cat)  She’s doing a lot more gestures for several songs that we sing.  Her babbling keeps getting fancier and fancier.  She can vocalize about 10 words and knows their meaning.   

Here are a few videos.  I hope you like my singing voice, haha!

Here is a video of our blessing.  Fiona’s got the folding hands down and the Amen at the ending.  My godson Drew taught me this blessing when he was itty bitty.  🙂

Here is a video of Fiona doing hand gestures to her favorite song Baby Bumblebee.

Other Fun Stuff:

We had such a fun Halloween!  Fiona loved running around the neighborhood and trick-or-treating.  We even got to trick-or-treat down the hallways at the Auditory Verbal Center with Fiona’s therapist Lauren.

lauren and fionalegs on table


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  1. Amanda Lancaster

    She is just too precious! I can totally see Mark in her when she smiles. BTW – the bumble bee song was one of Luke’s favorites too. So happy to see she is doing so well. Fiona is a rockstar for sure!

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