Lots of pictures and videos

Looks like I’ve been writing a blog post once a month. So I’ll update you on what’s been happening this past month.  Fiona is learning how to say a word or two per week.  She’s started saying the following words: ew, woah, bye, hi, home, hot, head, and book

Ever since Fiona started putting the magnet piece back on her head we haven’t had to use hats.  We used hats in the past so that she wouldn’t pull off the processor and break it.  Its like she understands the importance of her “ears” now.  So since this has happened we can use fun pony tails and bows in her hair.


Fiona is also extremely interested in helping mommy and daddy with chores.  She will get a new trash bag out of the drawer and shake it out and then hand it to dad to put inside the can.  She loves unloading the dishwasher, wiping the floor and LOVES to “help” cook.


Wiping the floor


Scooping out the seeds.  Tons of language can be used with these activities.

About two weeks ago Fiona decided that she does not like her headbands anymore.  We have switched to longer cords and she can wear her Naidas on her clothes.  Advanced Bionics provides clips to attach the processors to her shirt.  Unfortunately it causes her shirts to pull down and seems really uncomfortable.  I stole this idea from a CI mom to sew pockets on her undershirts. Lots of fun colors!  Its actually nice not using the headbands.  We can see her hair more and I bet it feels more comfy for Fiona.  Of course who knows where we will be next week.  I’ve learned to be very accommodating and patient with changes.



Here are a few videos of Fiona’s new words.

And here are more pictures. Yep, I take lots of pictures of Fiona.



Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Lots of pictures and videos

  1. Natasha Siso

    Great pictures and video! I love the “Bye” video….she almost says it with a southern accent. I know that will change so this video is just precious.

  2. hadiya

    So adorable! Me and my daughter love watching her videos! I used to pin the CI’s to my daughters undershirt as well until i realized that the part that i was pinning was where the microphone was so i moved it to the shoulder (above the clothes). This was with the Medel Opus 2. I dont know how it is with Advanced Bionics but something to look out for.

    1. Eliza Isham Post author

      Fiona loves watching videos of other kids her age as well! Thank you for the heads up about the mic. We are using a mic that is located on the headpiece (where the magnet is located). I think we will switch to the mic located on the processor once Fiona is ok with wearing them on her actual ears. I hope your daughter’s progress is going well!

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