Fiona’s 1st Hearing Birthday!!

Today, March 20th, is Fiona’s 1st Hearing Birthday!!!  Today was the day that her right cochlear implant was “turned on” and she heard sound for the first time.  What a year its been!!  Mark and I want to take this moment to thank all of our family and friends for being so supportive. This journey can be scary sometimes and we couldn’t have made it without you.  We’ve also received so much guidance from other CI families (some of whom we’ve never met). Thanks to you all too!

We want to thank Dr. Herrmann (Fiona’s surgeon), Lauren Seale (Fiona’s AV therapist), Aneesha Fairley (Fiona’s AV therapist), Dr. Lauren Stott (audiology), Dr. Jennie Allen (audiology), and Amanda Love (audiology extern).  We work with the most incredible bunch in the field and are so grateful to all of your hard work and love you show Fiona.

We are going to celebrate her Hearing Birthday this weekend with a huge cookie cake and balloons with our family.  I’ll post some pictures of the fun cake afterwards!


Fiona checking out her new stairs at her new house! We moved to Alpharetta this Tuesday. 

Here are some videos of what’s been going on.

Fiona telling me she wants her ears after nap time:

Fiona saying “Minnie Mouse”:

Fiona saying “Elmo”:

Fiona likes to show me how her baby dolls cry:

Fiona singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”. She whispers it – you can’t hear it that well.  Our good friend Samantha Cassidy made Fiona this awesome felt board!

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  1. Sheri

    Happy First hearing birthdayFiona! Enjoy your celebration. She has worked hard this year and her speech has come along so far. Great job to you and Mark and the hard work you have done to reinforce her new skills!!

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