A few short videos

Hello there!  I haven’t had too much to share in the last few months.  Fiona is basically trucking along and learning how to speak.  She continues to learn new words and is now trying to combine two words together.  A few examples: more milk, no more, hi momma, elmo bye

Here are a few videos that I have to share.  Sorry for the quality and lighting.

This one is of Fiona helping me read a book:

Fiona loves to sing the bye bye song when she walks up the stairs.  Here she is singing to daddy.  Daddy goes by “haha.” I think that is a very appropriate name.  🙂  The singing while walking up the stairs makes me think of the Von Trapp kids.

Here is a video of Fiona having a conversation on the phone and ignoring her mom.  I think its pretty entertaining and it shows her more sophisticated type of babbling that she does now.  She does this chitter chatter all day but usually a lot louder and with a lot more energy. 🙂  You’ll notice her very fancy night time neoprene pack thats attached to her shirt.  Fiona used to sleep without her processors on.  Then a month ago she started asking for them at night time.  I think it might be too scary having that sound taken away at night.  So we let her sleep with one and alternate sides throughout the week.