Two weeks ago Fiona started showing an interest in dancing to music!  Its been about a year since we’ve seen her express any interest in dancing.  Its so much fun watching her enjoy songs.  Mark and I are still so amazed that she’s dancing.  We would of never guessed this would be happening.  Of course we dance along with her most times (not shown here, sorry!)  Here is a short video:

Here’s another video of Fiona calling her dog Kona.  I think she says “come here” in this video but I don’t know if that verbalization was coincidental.  She does say Kona and it sounds like “homa.”

3 thoughts on “Dancing!

  1. Amanda

    Oh, wow. Too much adorableness! Though I have to admit, including you and Mark dancing with her would have mad this video even better. I mean, where else is she going to learn her moves???

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