Louder Than Words – A Documentary on Cochlear Implants

I wanted to share a preview of an incredible documentary that has been in the making for 7 years now.  It’s the only film made that follows the journey of a profoundly deaf little girl until she’s 6 years old and has perfect speech.

It follows two families of deaf children.  The 1st family has deaf parents who chose to implant their deaf children as babies.  The 2nd family has hearing parents who chose not to implant their daughter as a baby but immersed her in the language of ASL.  You may of heard the mom’s name before – Rachel Coleman, the creator of the kids show “Signing Time”.  Her daughter Leah chose to get implanted at the age of 6.

The director has self funded this project so far but the very last part of clearing rights and licensing was more expensive then he planned.  He has 10 days left to raise $16,000 in order to fund the rest of his project.  I just pledged $25 and will get a digital download of the finished film.  If you’d like to see the film be completed feel free to donate on this kickstarter link!

Anyways the film looks incredible and I hope we get to see the finished product.

Thank you for reading!

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