Speech Babble

I wanted to share a video of some speech babble therapy we practice at AVC and at home.  Fiona is trying to master her vowel sounds (long vowels, short vowels and diphthongs).  There’s 14 different English vowel sounds total!  Example: o for no, OO for book, OW for cow, etc

After she masters the vowels we will start combining consonants with vowels.  I’ve got her strapped into her car so that she can’t go anywhere.  Then she gets a car ride as a reward.  Hey, its making her participate!  We were seriously rocking Minnie Mouse this day. 🙂  Enjoy!

1 thought on “Speech Babble

  1. Amanda Lancaster

    She’s doing great Eliza! But it made me laugh because the real challenge (really for all of us) is just getting your kid to listen at all! She is such a busy girl and has lots to do. I’m not surprised you have to strap her down!

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