First week of Day School (Preschool)

Fiona started her first week of day school this week!  She did fantastic!!!

This is Fiona saying "cheese"

This is Fiona saying “cheese”

In front of school.

In front of school.

Her class has 12 kids (2 year olds) on Tues and Thurs mornings.  The 2 year olds in her class are typical hearing (which basically means they were born with normal hearing and don’t have hearing aids or cochlear implants).  There are two teachers in her class whom I absolutely love.  Tuesday was just a transition day with 5 kids and for only an hour. But today she was there for the full 3 1/2 hours. She cried a little at the beginning but did fantastic the rest of the day.  Her favorite parts of the day were the slide at recess and the ukulele in music class.

When Fiona walked out of her room to meet me she immediately showed me this “super” stamp that she got on her arm.  She was very happy with herself.  🙂

Her stamp that she showed me immediately.

Her stamp that she showed me immediately.

So in the past few hours of being home after school I heard the following new phrases:

  • “My haha” – means my doggie
  • “no nap”
  • “my hock” – means my sock

She’s never used “my” before another word before.  I’m not surprised she is picking up a possessive pronoun from two year olds!  I’m so excited that Fiona is going to learn so much from school. Especially new speech skills!

Also, there were no cochlear implant issues all morning.  She didn’t seem overwhelmed by all of the little kid’s noises.  She acted like any other 2 year old would in this situation.  It makes me feel a little relieved in knowing that just because she has cochlear implants doesn’t mean she can’t feel like a typical kid. 🙂  Anyways, we are so proud and excited for her.

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  1. Amanda

    Hooray for Fiona! And for you too! I bet it was such a relief to know she fit right in. Watch out world, this girl is going to do some BIG things!

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