Some Songs

Hi there!  We’ve had a great couple of weeks with Fiona’s speech.  There’s been several times when I’ve heard her say full sentences.  Here are a few examples:

  • I got a doggy! (showing me a valentine dog she got at school)
  • See you later mommy.
  • It’s a purple bow.
  • This is mommy’s pizza.

Sometimes when this comes out of her mouth I have to stop myself and think, woah, did she really just say that?  I just can’t believe she is talking.  We’ve worked so hard to get to this point its so nice to hear sentences!

Fiona’s pronunciation still needs a whole bunch of practice but learning how to talk is hard!  For example she uses the “h” sound a lot in place of the “p” sound.  We’ve been practicing speech babble at home.  (Having her repeat sounds like “pah pah” or “pie pie” over and over until it sounds correct). She gets bored of this game easily and sometimes yells NO!!! when we work on it.  She can be stubborn but works hard for ice cream cone stamps.  haha!!

Here are a few songs.  You’ll see what I mean with pronunciation.

Grandma and Fiona have been practicing this one a lot.  The wheels on the bus:

If you’re happy and you know it.  They do this song a lot in school and her teacher says “boom boom” when they stomp their feet.


7 thoughts on “Some Songs

  1. Natasha

    Who wouldn’t work hard for ice cream stamps! She is doing amazing and I love how she is always toting a purse. What a lovely little lady.

  2. kelly mackey

    That is so wonderful! Not only has SHE been working hard, but I know you & Mark deserve a lot of credit for all YOUR hard work too!!!

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