2 years hearing!

happy birthday

Today we celebrate Fiona’s 2nd year hearing birthday!  2 years ago today her right cochlear implant was turned on for the first time.  To reflect back on this amazing year of hearing I created a top 10 list of our favorite hearing moments:

  1. When Fiona started pronouncing daddy’s name correctly. Dadda instead of haha.
  2. When I turned off the music and Fiona passionately yelled “Turn it on!!!”
  3. Fiona saying “I love you.”
  4. Fiona using actual sentences.
  5. Listening to Fiona sing ALL DAY LONG.  Favorites are “wheels on the bus”, “daddy finger song”, “if you’re happy and you know it”
  6. Fiona using her words to communicate to her teachers at school!
  7. Watching Fiona try and count to 10.
  8. Fiona pronouncing the word dog with an actual “d” instead of “h”.
  9. When Fiona tells me to stop talking.  This is especially funny since with auditory verbal therapy we are supposed to narrate everything.  She’s caught on.
  10. Watching Fiona enjoy dancing to music.  Almost every morning she requests that we listen and dance to “Et-tannah” which is Madonna.


Here are some pictures of Fiona being herself:

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Of course I can’t finish of a profoundly strong blog post without a video.  Here are some Fiona dance moves:

Thanks for reading!! Here’s to another great year!!

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