First Myofunctional Session

The word Myofunctional is quite a mouthful!  Fiona had her first 30 minute session with Ms. Jenny yesterday at TIMS.  The session went well!  We sat on the floor for the first 15 minutes and played games so that Ms. Jenny and Fiona could get to know each other. Fiona is pretty shy when meeting someone for the first time but she warmed up quickly.

Ms. Jenny taught us 10 different exercises that we will practice at home.  Basically we are waking up the muscles in Fiona’s mouth and building awareness of these muscles. This includes the tongue, lips, inner and outer cheeks, roof of mouth, and gums. Some examples: practicing puckering the lips, massaging Fiona’s face, and raspberries.

We will use more visual and tactile cues in this type of therapy.  We will practice in front of a mirror so that Fiona can see how her mouth should move for certain sounds.  Sometimes we will point to certain areas of the face and lead by example to show how her mouth and tongue should be placed.

Anyways, there’s your update!  Thanks for reading!  🙂

2 thoughts on “First Myofunctional Session

  1. Beth

    Thanks for sharing! I can picture you and Fiona bringing your usual enthusiasm to the exercises and making great progress!

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