Talking up a storm

Wow, its been 3 months since I’ve last updated.  I feel like a lot has happened since then. Fiona’s language has gotten a lot more complex and her speech is sounding more intelligible. We’ve had a few family members and friends point out how much they can understand her.  That is HUGE to us since in the past only a few have been able to translate Fiona’s chatter. Thanks friends and family for pointing this out.

I think there are a few things going on which have helped. 1) The language is clicking with her.  It just took time.  2) Fiona seems more confident  3) The Myofunctional therapy is helping so much with articulation.

Ms. Jenny has been teaching Fiona tactile cues which help her to remember how to position her mouth for certain sounds.  This technique is called PROMPT therapy.  For example Jenny will close Fiona’s lips for the “m” sound while also putting a finger on her nose.  If you try this at home you will notice that the “m” sound is a nasal sound and so you can feel the vibration in your nose.  Also, Ms. Jenny will have Fiona look at her face so that she can mimic the shape of her mouth.

I wish I had some videos of Fiona talking but I haven’t had much luck.  Here are a few examples of what she’s been saying:

  • After finish the train go to the playground.
  • This is a baby duck and a mommy duck.
  • Can I taste your water?
  • I want a wet paper towel.
  • I’m sorry you fell down dog.
  • Be careful of the truck.
  • I had so much fun!

Ms. Lauren from AVC helps us so much to focus on language goals each week.  Each week she will assess Fiona’s current language and show us what to work on for that upcoming week. For example: this week we are encouraging Fiona to use 2 adjectives to describe a noun.  We will also try to expand on more prepositions used in Fiona’s language. (under, on top, behind)  I can definitely see how focusing on a few goals per week really helps. For example: Fiona said today “a big tunnel slide.”

We are so thrilled that Fiona is starting to get there. I just can’t believe it!  Sometimes it felt like months would go by and we weren’t seeing any progress.  What we didn’t think about was this whole time Fiona’s brain has been mapping all of this out/figuring it out piece by piece.  We just couldn’t see it yet.  Speech and Language are SO COMPLEX!!!



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