Baby Reese!

Hey guys,

Long time no write! I can’t believe it took me 4 months to announce that we had our daughter Reese on March 7th. She’s a beautiful, happy and healthy baby and we love her so much!


Reese passed her newborn hearing screening at the hospital and she also passed her ABR. We wanted to make sure that we tested for all levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe or profound).  And oh boy we could definitely tell she was hearing from week 1! Hearing babies startle at the tiniest noises!

Fiona Update:

Fiona continues to improve her articulation.  We still attend AVC once a week and the Myofunctional Center once a week.  It still seems that she has a mild case of speech apraxia.  For example:

  • Fiona would add a “p” before “t” with words that end with “t”:  mat is mapt, hat is hapt, cat is capt
  • Fiona would add a “d” at the ending of “n” words. bean is bean’d, on is on’d, moon is moon’d

Fiona needs to practice these words over and over to master them. Jenny said that its like learning how to play an instrument for the first time. Fiona needs a lot of practice to perfect these speech issues.

Speech sample:

Here is a video of Fiona doing her favorite thing. Asking mommy 500 questions a day. I love that she is so interested in learning about everything. Any parent can tell you how exhausting it gets to answer question after question but I wouldn’t change it! She will ask questions throughout an ENTIRE movie.

Fiona asking questions

More pictures:

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