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Oh Yeah, We Have a Baby

Rough night tonight.

Despite all our focus on profound hearing loss, from time to time we need a reminder that we’re in fact also raising a newborn infant. Fiona saw fit to vocally remind us of that on an hourly basis tonight. Nothing serious mind you, just standard newborn “fussiness”.

Um, do you want to quiet that child of yours?

Um, do you want to quiet that child of yours?

As I was reaching for the ear plugs to salvage some sleep, two things dawned on me: (1) I have an amazing wife with infinite patience and (2) it was incredibly ironic to be putting in ear plugs to muffle the sound of my deaf daughter.

The ear plugs didn’t last long unfortunately. I need noise to sleep. In fact, on a typical night we have 3 separate “white noise” sources: the ceiling fan, an air filter that has long stopped filtering air, and (new addition) a bona fide white noise generator. Sleeping in silence is harder then it sounds.

This had me thinking: at best with the ear plugs my hearing was at a simulated “Mild” level of loss (see my earlier post on the Flintstones). Not even remotely close to profound. Try walking around the house with earplugs in sometime – or if you’re alone and have none handy, stick your fingers in your ears. Its okay, nobody needs to know.

Its harder then it sounds. There’s so much we take for granted – the sound of our feet on the floor, the squeak of the bathroom door, the sound of the grumpy dog stirring from the baby crying. Countless audible cues of our surroundings we take for granted.

Made me a little sad for poor Fiona, but tempered with optimism for the implants. And who knows, maybe she was crying because her ears were finally becoming “unblocked”. Yeah, yeah a long shot I know, but it never hurt to be a dreamer.

Now if only I could get back to sleep…