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The Big Business of Cochlear Implants

There are three major players in the Cochlear Implant business. The first, based in Australia, has the eminently functional, yet very uninspiring name “Cochlear“. The second, based in Austria, has an even bigger yawner name with “Med-El“. I have no idea what the “El” stands for.

But the third…the third is a doosie:  Advanced Bionics. Now how freakin’ cool is that? Lasers, top secret labs, bionic superpowers, I’m expecting it all! And hailing from the good ‘ol USA as well! Proud to be an American!

Of course, like most geeky engineers, I am a product of FAR TOO MUCH science fiction. So with a name like Advanced Bionics, I just can’t resist channeling my inner nerd…

Since we know everything on TV is always true, I figure we’re 20-30 years away from technology running amok and ultimately enslaving the human race. In fact, could Advanced Bionics be the real-world equivalent of Cyberdyne Systems from The Terminator movies? Hmmm, I might be on to something…


Doomsday jokes aside, its really cool to see competition and innovation occurring in the CI space. This benefits us all. In fact, Advanced Bionics even has an ipad app that allows you to customize the color combinations of your implant! Implants as fashion statements – something I’m sure I will never truly understand, but will no doubt be critical to our little girl as she grows up.

Check out these screenshots to get a flavor of the customization possible. The days of boring old tan colored hearing aids are so “2000-late”.



I guess it’s true, there really is an “app for that”.