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“Cochlear” Releases new CI Sound Processor

Nucleas 6

Nucleus 6

The wave of innovation continues, Yay capitalism!

If you’ve been following my posts for some time now, you’ll recall I’ve referred to the Big 3 Cochlear Implant companies: Advanced Bionics, Cochlear and Med-El. Back in August I posted about the new release by Advanced Bionics of the Naida CI Q70 implant.

Looks like now it’s Cochlear’s turn with the release of their new “Nucleus 6” sound processor. Here’s the press release.

As with Advanced Bionics, the trend continues towards smaller implants, better compatibility with wireless devices, and more upgrade room for the future. The last part is especially important since you don’t want to have a new surgery every time you upgrade.

This press release has a lot of “forward looking” statements which makes me wonder if its “not quite ready” yet, but i’m sure time will tell.

Cochlear will continue its history of breakthroughs in innovation with future upgrades to the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor. The new chip is designed for the next generation SmartSound processing, which leverages new algorithms that focus on speech and reduce background noise, as well as third generation wireless accessories that do not require any neck worn loops.

We’ll definitely have a tough decision next March. Competition is good.