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Retinal Implant for Blindness

Short Friday post today. A few months ago I blogged about the future of heading correction, pointing out the similarities between hearing loss and vision loss. In that blog I had mentioned that hearing correction was in some ways ahead of vision correction, but its only a matter of time before vision catches up.

Well wouldn’t you know it today I came across new research on retinal implants, which look in many ways very similar to Cochlear Implants. Below is a good illustration that shows how it works.


My family has a broad history of vision problems, so when Fiona was diagnosed with profound hearing loss it was a total shock. You never want any harm to come to your child, but if there was ever to be a problem I would have bet on vision problems instead.

While the retina implant still has a long way to go, its fantastic to see research is making progress on this front.