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Dr. William House, Creator of the Cochlear Implant

The Real "House"

The Real “House”

Great article found by the head of my research division (aka Eliza), it’s about Dr. William House, the creator of the Cochlear Implant:

Dr. William House, creator of cochlear implant, continues working at 88 to give gift of hearing

I love stories like this: entrepreneurs who “buck the trend” to bring something meaningful to the world. It’s interesting to hear some of the opposition he originally faced, like this quote:

The responses from fellow doctors, however, stung. They claimed he was money hungry, House said.

Working for technology startups the large majority of my career, i’ve been fortunate to work with some pretty creative and intelligent people working on creating something new the world has never seen. Still, never have I worked in medical research – this is an area that really makes a difference. I often wonder what my life would have been like if I went down that path instead.

The article mentions a memoir of Dr. House, The Struggles of a Medical Innovator: Cochlear Implants and Other Ear Surgeries: A Memoir by William F. House, D.D.S., M.D.

Might be a good book to add to my Christmas reading list. If anyone has already read this (or adds it to their own list), I’d love to hear your reactions.